Friday, July 15, 2011

The things that make all the difference...

Now, I know everyone is different. But I want to share what is absolutely essential in my health and happiness. I call it my personal recipe.

Regular Exercise - 5-6 times a week, sweat producing, make me uncomfortable exercise.

Feed my body right - Give my body daily the fruits and vegetables and nutrients that it needs. Drink plenty of water. I drink about 100 oz a day.

Feed my spirit right - I pray every morning and every night. I do this with intent and meaning. Thanking for all that I have and humbly asking for that which I need, but always with the disclaimer that His will be done, not mine. I trust that God knows way better than me what is right for me and my family. I always want to defer to His better judgment and not get in His way.
I also feed my spirit through reading my scriptures. I read a little when I wake up and a little when I go to bed.
I also journal daily. Sometimes these entries are one sentence long and sometimes they are pages long. This is therapeutic to me and I have learned this is an essential part of my personal recipe to happiness.

Feed my mind - I love to read and do things creative. I try to spend a little time daily reading or sewing or creating in some manner. Some days I am able to spend hours doing this, but that is rare. I do try to fit it in as often as I can because I know that helps me keep in touch with who I am, independent of others in my life.

Treat others as best as I can. I don't know about you, but if I am rude or dismissive to people I feel bad and guilty about it for a long time afterward. I try to be quick to say I'm sorry, but it's best when I just treat everyone with respect in the first place. This helps keep me in balance emotionally.

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