Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome to the Savvy Pauper

Ok, no.... I am not actually a pauper. It just feels like it! Yes, I know that I live better than most of the world, and for that I am truly grateful. My husband and I have always loved getting "steals". We've bought both our houses for a steal (one foreclosure and one short sale), and our cars, and most everything we own. There are a few things we pay full price for.. you know... like underwear. Ok, I exaggerate. We even get that for the best prices we can.
I have 2 boys and my general rule is that I don't pay more than $4 for a piece of clothing. I also don't typically buy their clothes used. I will when I can find a piece that isn't faded or stretched out or smells funny. Jeans are the only exception I always plan for. I will pay up to $12 for jeans.
Well, that's enough about me for now. I will share whatever tips and techniques I come across with you. Feel free to ask me about any good deals you are hoping to score. Also, PLEASE share with me the great deals you get.