Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little privacy, please?

I love our home, but our front door always bugged me because there are two long skinny windows on either side of the door. Nice for light, but bad for privacy. We will eventually spend the money to get all the windows in the house tinted, but can't afford that yet. So, in the mean time I saw an awesome post on Centsational Girl about using frosted glass spray paint.

< c e n t s a t i o n a l g i r l . c o m >

Using this inspiration I thought, "why not use this to frost the glass by the door?".

Here is the window before and after.

With a handy bottle of frosted glass spray paint (I used Valspar and found it at Home Depot) our privacy problem was solved. The only comment I make about it is that when the sun shines in it kind of looks like a poltergeist shining into our window. LOL. Hey, at least we have privacy!

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